The Map Room

Here’s a list of all the map locations of every place on the site.
Go there. Take pictures of them and your pretty face. Send them to us.

Six Flags New Orleans: 30°3′4.0″N 89°56′3.9″W
The Brother Islands: 40°47′54″N 73°53′54″W
Gulliver’s Kingdom: 35°20’04.5″N 138°38’51.3″E
Hashima Island: 32°37’39.8″N 129°44’17.6″E
Bodie, California: 38°12′44″N 119°00′44″W
Holy Land USA: 41.547°N 73.030°W
Centralia, Pennsylvania: 40°48′12″N 76°20′30″W
The Underwater City of Shi Cheng: 29°36′33″N 118°59′24″E
La Tour – The Castle Tower of Laguna Beach: 33° 31′ 13.72″ N 117° 45′ 52.10″ W
Disney’s Discovery Island: 28°24′52″N 81°34′01″W
Aniva Rock Lighthouse: 46.019079, 143.413246
Deception Island – Antarctica: 62°58′37″S 60°39′00″W

  • Ali

    Hi. I saw your comment on another board about the Taiwan abandoned city. I like your site better but hate the share icon. You really can’t read your text until the arrow shows upand that’s way to long. Annoying. I just skipped the stories and looked at the pictures.

    • Charles

      Hi Ali –

      Thanks for the comment. Feral Cities is definitely still a work in progress, and we’re doing our best to make it as clean and accessible to everyone as we can. We’ll keep working if you keep reading (or even just looking at the pictures!). Thanks again!