The Map Room

Here’s a list of all the map locations of every place on the site.
Go there. Take pictures of them and your pretty face. Send them to us.

Six Flags New Orleans: 30°3′4.0″N 89°56′3.9″W
The Brother Islands: 40°47′54″N 73°53′54″W
Gulliver’s Kingdom: 35°20’04.5″N 138°38’51.3″E
Hashima Island: 32°37’39.8″N 129°44’17.6″E
Bodie, California: 38°12′44″N 119°00′44″W
Holy Land USA: 41.547°N 73.030°W
Centralia, Pennsylvania: 40°48′12″N 76°20′30″W
The Underwater City of Shi Cheng: 29°36′33″N 118°59′24″E
La Tour – The Castle Tower of Laguna Beach: 33° 31′ 13.72″ N 117° 45′ 52.10″ W
Disney’s Discovery Island: 28°24′52″N 81°34′01″W
Aniva Rock Lighthouse: 46.019079, 143.413246
Deception Island – Antarctica: 62°58′37″S 60°39′00″W